Bye Bye Payday Loans...
Hello Loansy! 💰

Instead of shady lenders and high interest rates, consumers who are approved by Loansy will have access to lower rates, longer repayment times, and friendly customer service. Whether you need a loan for 2 weeks or 12 months, using Loansy to get a loan will be as easy and pain-free as using Uber to get a ride.

Loansy anticipates accepting borrowers as soon as March 2018.

Getting Cash is Easier with Loansy


Choose Loan Amount

Choose how much cash you need, from £100 to £3,000.


Answer a Few Questions

No credit checks here. Loansy uses a smart AI to determine your creditworthiness.


Get Your Cash

Within just minutes or hours, your loan will be deposited into your bank account for immediate use.

Why Brits 💖 Us

12 Month Loan? Sure

Loansy provides the loan you need, whether you need it for 2 weeks or for longer than a year. Your payback schedule is your decision.

Bad Credit? No Problem

Loansy analyzes your Facebook to assess your risk of default. Whether you have no credit or bad credit, Loansy has your back.

No BS Fees

The payday loan industry is rife with BS fees, but not Loansy. We believe in putting our customers first and treating them like our own family.